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2012_28/2012The Simple Synthesis of Ferrocene Ligands from a Practitioner's Perspective (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 28/2012)

The cover art is in monochrome in a naive style designed to be eye-catching and to represent the simplicity of the synthetic work described in the Microreview by I. R. Butler on p. 4387ff. The apparatus shown is representative of that used in a typical lithiation experiment and indicates the “hands on” nature of the work – it is intended to express the “magical” feeling one gets every time a new compound is obtained. The globe is used to show that the synthetic methods developed are intended to be implemented by researchers worldwide, because the development of new synthetic methodology has been the driving force for much of the research work. In addition, it is in recognition that ferrocene chemistry is global and that every work published benefits from the accumulated knowledge of others in the field. Finally, the molecules pictured are representative of the broad range of ferrocene compounds that are accessible by using fairly simple synthetic methodology. Hopefully it conveys the idea that lab work is not only hard work but it is also great fun! Further work by the artwork creator, Ross Butler, can be viewed online (http://www.rwbutler.com

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