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2013_32/2013Simultaneous Synthesis of Polyoxometalates and Metal Nanoparticles from Molecular Precursors – Redox-Active Microreactors and Functional Nanomaterials (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 32/2013)

The cover picture shows how colloidal triangular gold nanoprisms (in our lab we refer to them as “nanonachos”) and single-crystalline paratungstate polyoxometalate (POM) anions can be synthesized by using a straightforward one-pot aqueous synthetic route. The nanonachos have an edge length of about 328 nm and the POM anions have a diameter of about 1 nm, but this general method is tunable and can be directed towards an array of nanomaterials spanning gold nanoparticles, hollow tungsten oxide structures, and various single-crystalline polyoxometalates (POMs). The POMs synthesized by this method can then produce a second collection of gold nanocrystals under mild synthetic conditions and without toxic reducing agents or other pretreatments. Details are discussed in the Short Communication by S. G. Mitchell and J. M. de la Fuente on p. 5517 ff. For more on the story behind the cover research, see the Cover Profile.

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