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2013_5-6b/2013Modulation of the Interlayer Structures and Magnetic Behavior of 2D Spin-Crossover Coordination Polymers [FeII(L)2PtII(CN)4] (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 5-6/2013)

The back cover picture shows a toy that models a 3D interdigitate pillared-layer-like structure of 2D Hofmann-type spin-crossover coordination polymers, {2Pt(CN)4} {L = 4-styrylpyridine (stpy) and 4-(2-phenylethyl)pyridine (pep)}. These structures are based on 2D layers (colored plates) extended by Pt–CN–CFe linkages with axial coligands stpy and pep (small, colored pieces of wood). In the real structures, we can modify the interlayer packing structure by appropriate choice of coligands having different shape, size, and flexibility, which strongly affects the cooperativity of the spin transition. Details are discussed in the article by S. Kitagawa, M. Ohba et al. on p. 738 ff.

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