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2014_20/2014Twin Polymerization: A Unique and Efficient Tool for Supporting Silver Nanoparticles on Highly Porous Carbon and Silica (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 20/2014)

The cover picture shows a cosmic phenomenon which applies mutatis mutandis to the chemistry described within this article. Similar to the absorbed star, the appropriate silver(I) carboxylate as silver source and 2,2'-spirobi[4H-1,3,2-benzodioxasiline] as the specific twin monomer afford the corresponding hybrid material through twin polymerization. Within this process, highly porous materials of type Ag@C (red) and Ag@SiO2 (blue) are obtained via organic–inorganic nanocomposites. The material beams represent HAADF-STEM images of the porous silver-containing materials. The background photo is from Fotolia (Copyright Li-Bro/ We acknowledge graphic designer Zhenxing Xu for incorporating our chemical structures and TEM images into the picture. Details are discussed in the Short Communication by H. Lang et al. on p. 3161 ff. For more on the story behind the cover research, see the Cover Profile.

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