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2014_29/2014Unprecedented Borylene Insertion into a C–N Bond (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 29/2014)

The cover picture shows insertion of a borylene into a C–N bond with an N-heterocyclic olefin (NHO) ligand. Selective borylene insertion into a C–N bond to yield boryl-functionalized NHOs [{N(Dipp)N(DippBH)CHCH}CCH2]2 and [{N(Dipp)N(DippBPh)CHCH}CCH2][{N(Dipp)N(2-iPr-6-CHMeCH2BC6H3)CHCH}CCH2] (Dipp = 2,6-iPr2C6H3) is reported for the first time. (IPrCH2)BHCl2 affords completely unexpected diborane compound (IPr)BH2BH2(IPr). Lewis acid induced ring opening of THF to form the borenium ion [(IPrCH2)B{O(CH2)4I}2]I is demonstrated. Details are discussed in the Short Communication by R. S. Ghadwal et al. on p. 4921 ff. For more on the story behind the cover research, see the Cover Profile.

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