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April 15, 2009

EWPC-6 Prize Winners

EWPC-6 Prize Winners

The 6th European Workshop on Phosphorus Chemistry, held in Florence, Italy, on March 26–27 was a very successful event that focused on the latest research in phosphorus chemistry, including aspects such as organic, inorganic, organometallic and polymer chemistry, as well as material science and catalysis. Guy Bertrand gave a thought-provoking plenary lecture on the "Interplay between Radicals, Carbenes, Bent-Allenes, and Phosphorus Chemistry". Younger chemists then had the opportunity to practice their communication skills as session chair, oral lecturer or poster presenter.

EurJIC supported the young chemists by sponsoring a series of awards. The competition was fierce, and the jury had a difficult task to select the winners.

All lecturers gave polished performances, so the distinction probably lay in the response to questions. The winners are:

F. DielmannFabian Dielmann from Regensburg, for his presentation "Novel Phosphorus Rich Complexes for the Synthesis of Spherical Giant Molecules"
P. JankowskiPiotr Jankowski from Bristol, for his presentation "Bidentates, Monodentates or Something In Between?"
D. JolyDamien Joly from Rennes, for his presentation "Development of Organic Light Emitting Diode Using Organo Phosphorus Materials"

The following three posters were selected as the best:

C. Klemps"Chromium Catalyzed Ethylene Oligomerization - New Ligands and Mechanistic Insights" by Christian Klemps from the group of Pascal Le Floch in Palaiseau
J. Marinas Perez"Acid Induced Ring-Expansion of an Oxaphosphirane Transition Metal Complex: The Quest for o-Protonation" by Janaina Marinas Pèrez from the group of Rainer Streubel in Bonn
C. Schulten"The First Reactivity Studies of Methyl-Phosphaalkyne, P≡CMe" by Christian Schulten from the group of Cameron Jones (Cardiff and Monash, Australia), now at Bonn University

Finally, Kenneth Mark Armstrong from St. Andrews proved to be a highly professional chairperson, in whose session all lecturers had the best conditions to concentrate on their presentations.

K. M. ArmstrongKenneth M. Armstrong from St. Andrews

EurJIC would like to congratulate the prizewinners on their well-earned awards and the organizers for an excellent conference.

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