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Associated Title(s): Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry

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June 28, 2017

EurJOC Highlights

EurJOC HighlightsUnder the guest editorship of Professor Dhevalapally B. Ramachary, we have compiled the virtual issue 'Emerging Investigators from India' featuring chemical research performed in India by the young organic chemistry community in trending research areas, such as asymmetric metal- and organocatalysis, C–H activation, and C–C coupling reactions.

Browse: Virtual Issue 'Emerging Investigators from India'

In EurJOC's new feature 'Outstanding Organics', we highlight manuscripts that focus on currently trending topics in the field of Organic Chemistry. These topics are chosen by our editors to give our readers a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art in each field.

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The European Journal of Organic Chemistry covers all aspects of organic chemistry, including the exciting interface to the life sciences. Read the latest articles:

Alba Hernández-Martín, Susana Fernández, Annemieke Verstuyf, Lieve Verlinden, Miguel Ferrero
A-Ring-Modified 2-Hydroxyethylidene Previtamin D3 Analogues: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation [Full Paper]
European Journal of Organic Chemistry2017, 504–513.

Timo Weinrich, Markus Gränz, Christian Grünewald, Thomas F. Prisner, Michael W. Göbel
Synthesis of a Cytidine Phosphoramidite with Protected Nitroxide Spin Label for EPR Experiments with RNA [Full Paper]
European Journal of Organic Chemistry2017, 491–496.

Reuben Ovadia, Clémence Mondielli, Jean-Jacques Vasseur, Carine Baraguey, Karine Alvarez
Contribution to PNA-RNA Chimera Synthesis: One-Pot Microwave-Assisted Ugi Reaction to Obtain Dimeric Building Blocks [Full Paper]
European Journal of Organic Chemistry2017, 469–475.