Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems

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Edited By: Professor Philip J. Boon and Professor John M. Baxter

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Top cited papers in 2015 from in 2013-2014
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The "killer shrimp' Dikerogammarus villosus (Crustacea, Amphipoda) invading Alpine lakes: overland transport by recreational boats and scuba-diving gear as potential entry vectors?
Bacela-Spychalska, Karolina; Grabowski, Michal; Rewicz, Tomasz; et al.
Volume: 23 Issue: 4 Pages: 606-618

Effects of isolation and fishing on the marine ecosystems of Easter Island and Salas y Gomez, Chile
Friedlander, Alan M.; Ballesteros, Enric; Beets, Jim; et al.
Volume: 23 Issue: 4 Pages: 515-531

Ontogenetic movements of juvenile blacktip reef sharks: evidence of dispersal and connectivity between coastal habitats and coral reefs
Chin, A.; Heupel, M. R.; Simpfendorfer, C. A.; et al.
Volume: 23 Issue: 3 Pages: 468-474

Survival of rockhopper penguins in times of global climate change
Dehnhard, Nina; Poisbleau, Maud; Demongin, Laurent; et al.
Volume: 23 Issue: 5 Pages: 777-789

Distribution, structure and function of Nordic eelgrass (Zostera marina) ecosystems: implications for coastal management and conservation
Bostrom, Christoffer; Baden, Susanne; Bockelmann, Anna-Christina; et al.
Volume: 24 Issue: 3 Pages: 410-434

Ecology of southern European pearl mussels (Margaritifera margaritifera): first record of two new populations on the rivers Terva and Beca (Portugal)
Varandas, Simone; Lopes-Lima, Manuel; Teixeira, Amilcar; et al.
Volume: 23 Issue: 3 Pages: 374-389

Whole-community facilitation by beaver: ecosystem engineer increases waterbird diversity
Nummi, Petri; Holopainen, Sari
Volume: 24 Issue: 5 Pages: 623-633

Ecology, management, and conservation implications of North American beaver (Castor canadensis) in dryland streams
Gibson, Polly P.; Olden, Julian D.
Volume: 24 Issue: 3 Pages: 391-409

Time-series analysis of native and non-native crayfish dynamics in the Thames River Basin (south-eastern England)
Almeida, David; Ellis, Adam; England, Judy; et al.
Volume: 24 Issue: 2 Pages: 192-202

Population structure of short-finned pilot whales in the oceanic archipelago of Madeira based on photo-identification and genetic analyses: implications for conservation
Alves, Filipe; Querouil, Sophie; Dinis, Ana; et al.
Volume: 23 Issue: 5 Pages: 758-776