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Serum metabolomics as a novel diagnostic approach for gastrointestinal cancer
Atsuki Ikeda, Shin Nishiumi, Masakazu Shinohara, Tomoo Yoshie, Naoya Hatano, Tatsuya Okuno, Takeshi Bamba, Eiichiro Fukusaki, Tadaomi Takenawa, Takeshi Azuma, Masaru Yoshida Volume 26, Issue 5, pages 548-558, May 2012

Metabolomics applied to urine samples in childhood asthma; differentiation between asthma phenotypes and identification of relevant metabolites
Elia Mattarucchi, Eugenio Baraldi, Claude Guillou Volume 26, Issue 1, pages 89-94, January 2012

A universal surrogate peptide to enable LC-MS/MS bioanalysis of a diversity of human monoclonal antibody and human Fc-fusion protein drug candidates in pre-clinical animal studies
Michael T. Furlong, Zheng Ouyang, Steven Wu, James Tamura, Timothy Olah, Adrienne Tymiak, Mohammed Jemal Volume 26, Issue 8, pages 1024-1032, August 2012

HPLC-ICP-MS method development to monitor arsenic speciation changes by human gut microbiota
Pradeep Alava, Filip Tack, Gijs Du Laing, Tom Van de Wiele Volume 26, Issue 4, pages 524-533, April 2012

Recent application of analytical methods to phase I and phase II drugs development: a review
Marcello Locatelli, Luciana Governatori, Giuseppe Carlucci, Salvatore Genovese, Adriano Mollica, Francesco Epifano Volume 26, Issue 3, pages 283-300, March 2012

Turbulent flow chromatography in bioanalysis: a review
Lewis Couchman Volume 26, Issue 8, pages 892-905, August 2012

Simultaneous in vivo RP-HPLC-DAD quantification of multiple-component and drug–drug interaction by pharmacokinetics, using 6,7-dimethylesculetin, geniposide and rhein as examples
Aihua Zhang, Hui Sun, Xijun Wang, Guozheng Jiao, Ye Yuan, Wenjun Sun Volume 26, Issue 7, pages 844-850, July 2012

Use of an automated capillary DNA sequencer to investigate the interaction of cisplatin with telomeric DNA sequences
Moumita Paul, Vincent Volume 26, Issue 3, pages 350-354, March 2012

Superficially porous particles columns for super fast HPLC separations
Imran Ali, Zeid A. AL-Othman, Mohammed Al-Za'abi Volume 26, Issue 8, pages 1001-1008, August 2012

Simultaneous quantification of morphine and cocaine in hair samples from drug addicts by GC-EI/MS
Carla Alexandra Gouveia, Ana Oliveira, Sandra Pinho, Carlos Vasconcelos, Félix Carvalho, Roxana Falcão Moreira, Ricardo Jorge Dinis-Oliveira Volume 26, Issue 8, pages 1041-1047, August 2012