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Environmetrics Most Cited Papers Published in 2014-2015

Burning issues: statistical analyses of global fire data to inform assessments of environmental change
M. A. Krawchuk, M. A. Moritz
Volume 25, Issue 6

Wildfire risk estimation in the Mediterranean area
A. A. Ager, H. K. Preisler, B. Arca, D. Spano, M. Salis
Volume 25, Issue 6

Stationary and nonstationary generalized extreme value modelling of extreme precipitation over a mountainous area under climate change
D. Panagoulia, P. Economou, C. Caroni
Volume 25, Issue 1

Bayesian hidden Markov modelling using circular-linear general projected normal distribution
Gianluca Mastrantonio, Antonello Maruotti, Giovanna Jona-Lasinio
Volume 26, Issue 2

Resolving the Antarctic contribution to sea-level rise: a hierarchical modelling framework
Andrew Zammit-Mangion, Jonathan Rougier, Jonathan Bamber, Nana Schön
Volume 25, Issue 4

Probabilistic forecasts of solar irradiance using stochastic differential equations
E. B. Iversen, J. M. Morales, J. K. Møller, H. Madsen
Volume 25, Issue 3