Fire and Materials

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Top Cited Articles in 2016 Published in 2014 and 2015

Flammability properties of paper coated with poly (methylenephosphine), an organophosphorus polymer
Andrew M. Priegert, Paul W. Siu, Thomas Q. Hu and Derek P. Gates

Flame retardants and heat release: review of data on individual polymers
Marcelo M. Hirschler

Compressive strength of fly-ash-based geopolymer concrete at elevated temperatures
F.U.A. Shaikh, V. Vimonsatit

The impact of smoke on walking speed
Karl Fridolf, Kristin Andrée, Daniel Nilsson and Håkan Frantzich

Thermal and chemical analysis of flammability and combustibility of fir wood in cone calorimeter coupled to FTIR apparatus
Benjamin Batiot, Jocelyn Luche and Thomas Rogaume

Two-dimensional model of burning for pyrolyzable solids
Stanislav I. Stoliarov, Isaac T. Leventon and Richard E. Lyon

Modelling the vertical UL 94 test: competition and collaboration between melt dripping, gasification and combustion
Florian Kempel, Bernhard Schartel, Julio M. Marti, Kathryn M. Butler, Riccardo Rossi, Sergio R. Idelsohn, Eugenio Oñate and Anja Hofmann

Sodium-based fire resistant geopolymer for passive fire protection
K. Sakkas, P. Nomikos, A. Sofianos and D. Panias

The flame retardant effect of aluminum phosphinate in combination with zinc borate, borophosphate, and nanoclay in polyamide-6
Mehmet Doğan and Erdal Bayramlı

Influence of carbon nanotubes on fire behaviour and aerosol emitted during combustion of thermoplastics
C. Chivas-Joly, C. Motzkus, E. Guillaume, S. Ducourtieux, L. Saragoza, D. Lesenechal, J-M. Lopez-Cuesta, C. Longuet, R. Sonnier and B. Minisini