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Edited By: Debra L. Martin and Naomi Sykes

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Collection: Violence in Human and Animal Worlds

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Editorial: Violence in Human and Animal Worlds: A Review of the Literature and a Call for Papers.
Martin D, Sykes N

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A Possible Massacre at Early Bronze Age Titriş, Höyük, Anatolia

Erdal OD
Comparative Study of Perimortem Weapon Trauma in Two Early Medieval Skeletal Populations (AD 400-1200) from Ireland
Geber J
Kana Tamata or Feasts of Men: An Interdisciplinary Approach for Identifying Cannibalism in Prehistoric Fiji
Jones S, Walsh-Haney H, and Quinn R
Daily Risks: A Biocultural Approach to Acute Trauma in Pre-colonial Coastal Populations from Brazil
Lessa A
An Osteological Study of Trophy Heads: Unveiling the Headhunting Practice in Borneo
Okumura M and Siew YY
Analysis of Ante Mortem Trauma in Three Modern Skeletal Populations
Steyn M, İşcan MY, De Kock M, Kranioti EF, Michalodimitrakis M, and L’Abbé EN
Possible Cases of Scalping from Pre-Hispanic Highland Peru
Toyne JM
Fitzroy’s Fighting Fuegians: Comparison on Palaeopathological and Ethnographic Indications of Fighting Behaviour in an Extinct Human Population
Underdown S
Trauma and Amputations in 19th Century Miners from Kimberley, South Africa
Van Der Merwe AE, Steyn M, and L’Abbé EN
Study of the Medieval Dogs from Novgorod, Russia (X-XIV Century)
Zinoview AV

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Article of IJOA cited in Nature: Skeletons show rickets struck the Medici family
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