Journal of Quaternary Science

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Edited By: A.J. Long

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ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2013: 15/46 (Geography Physical); 39/174 (Geosciences Multidisciplinary)

Online ISSN: 1099-1417

Editors' Choice

A critical evaluation of multi-proxy dendroclimatology in northern Finland
Danny McCarroll, Mervi Tuovinen, Rochelle Campbell, Mary Gagen, Håkan Grudd, Risto Jalkanen, Neil J. Loader, Iain Robertson

Cumulative probability functions and their role in evaluating the chronology of geomorphological events during the Holocene
Richard C. Chiverrell, Varyl R. Thorndycraft, Thomas O. Hoffmann

Alpine climate during the Holocene: a comparison between records of glaciers, lake sediments and solar activity
Samuel U. Nussbaumer, Friedhelm Steinhilber, Mathias Trachsel, Petra Breitenmoser, Jürg Beer, Alex Blass, Martin Grosjean, Albert Hafner, Hanspeter Holzhauser, Heinz Wanner, Heinz J. Zumbühl

An improved glacial isostatic adjustment model for the British Isles
Sarah L. Bradley, Glenn A. Milne, Ian Shennan, Robin Edwards

New age estimates and climatostratigraphic correlations for the Borrobol and Penifiler Tephras: evidence from Abernethy Forest, Scotland
I. P. Matthews, Hilary H. Birks, A. J. Bourne. J. Brooks, J. J. Lowe, A. MacLeod, S. D. F. Pyne-O'Donnell

The challenge of dating early pleistocene fossil teeth by the combined uranium series–electron spin resonance method: the Venta Micena palaeontological site (Orce, Spain)
Mathieu Duval, Christophe Falguères, Jean-Jacques Bahain, Rainer Grün, Qingfeng Shao, Maxime Aubert, John Hellstrom, Jean-Michel Dolo, Jordi Agusti, Bienvenido Martínez-Navarro, Paul Palmqvist, Isidro Toro-Moyano

Dating Palaeolithic sites in southwestern Crete, Greece
Thomas F. Strasser, Curtis Runnels, Karl Wegmann, Eleni Panagopoulou, Floyd Mccoy, Chad Digregorio, Panagiotis Karkanas, Nick Thompson

Orbital imprint on Holocene palaeohydrological variations in west-central Europe as reflected by lake-level changes at Cerin (Jura Mountains, eastern France)
Michel Magny, Gilles Bossuet, Pascale Ruffaldi, Aurélie Leroux, Jacques Mouthon

Late glacial and holocene 10Be production rates for western Norway
Brent M. Goehring, Øystein Strand Lohne, Jan Mangerud, John Inge Svendsen, Richard Gyllencreutz, Joerg Schaefer, Robert Finkel

Tephra in deglacial ocean sediments south of Iceland: Stratigraphy, geochemistry and oceanic reservoir ages
David J. R. Thornalley, I. Nick McCave, Harry Elderfield