NMR in Biomedicine

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Associated Title(s): Contrast Media & Molecular Imaging

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Nuts and bolts of chemical exchange saturation transfer MRI
Liu, Guanshu; Song, Xiaolei; Chan, Kannie W. Y.; McMahon, Michael T.

Exchange-dependent relaxation in the rotating frame for slow and intermediate exchange - modeling off-resonant spin-lock and chemical exchange saturation transfer
Zaiss, Moritz; Bachert, Peter

Classic models for dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI
Sourbron, Steven P.; Buckley, David L.

Structural and functional abnormalities in migraine patients without aura
Jin, Chenwang; Yuan, Kai; Zhao, Limei; Zhao, Ling; Yu, Dahua; von Deneen, Karen M.; Zhang, Ming; Qin, Wei; Sun, Weixin; Tian, Jie

In vivo MRI cell tracking using perfluorocarbon probes and fluorine-19 detection
Ahrens, Eric T.; Zhong, Jia

T-2 mapping provides multiple approaches for the characterization of muscle involvement in neuromuscular diseases: a cross-sectional study of lower leg muscles in 5-15-year-old boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Deol, Jasjit K.; Sweeney, H. Lee; Walter, Glenn A.; Vandenborne, Krista

Nanoparticle-based chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) agents
Castelli, Daniela Delli; Terreno, Enzo; Longo, Dario; Aime, Silvio

Paramagnetic liposomes for molecular MRI and MRI-guided drug delivery
Langereis, Sander; Geelen, Tessa; Grull, Holger; Strijkers, Gustav J.; Nicolay, Klaas

Treatment with the MEK inhibitor U0126 induces decreased hyperpolarized pyruvate to lactate conversion in breast, but not prostate, cancer cells
Lodi, Alessia; Woods, Sarah M.; Ronen, Sabrina M.

Cerebral blood volume MRI with intravascular superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles
Kim, Seong-Gi; Harel, Noam; Jin, Tao; Kim, Tae; Lee, Phil; Zhao, Fuqiang