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Antimicrobial Activity of Cinnamaldehyde and Eugenol and Their Activity after Incorporation into Cellulose-based Packaging Films
Nutcha Sanla-Ead, Anuvat Jangchud, Vanee Chonhenchob, Panuwat Suppakul

Packaging Design: General Framework and Research Agenda
A. Azzi, D. Battini, A. Persona, F. Sgarbossa

Measurement and Analysis of Vehicle Vibration for Delivering Packages in Small-Sized and Medium-Sized Trucks and Automobiles
Vanee Chonhenchob, Sher Paul Singh, Jay Jagjit Singh, Joseph Stallings, Gary Grewal

Effects of Treatment Time by Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) Plasma on Barrier and Mechanical Properties of Paperboard
T. Jinkarn, S. Thawornwiriyanan, D. Boonyawan, P. Rachtanapun, S. Sane

Consumer Demand for Information Accessible Through Automatic Identification
Ulf Lindqvist, Maija Federley, Liisa Hakola, Mikko Laukkanen, Aino Mensonen, Anna Viljakainen

Combined Impact of Ultraviolet and Chemical Fluids on High-density Polyethylene Packaging Material
Anja Geburtig, Thomas Goedecke, Volker Wachtendorf

Monitoring the Evolution of Damage in Packaging Systems under Sustained Random Loads
M . J. Lamb, V. Rouillard, M. A. Sek

Thin Laminate Films for Barrier Packaging Application – Influence of Down Gauging and Substrate Surface Properties on the Permeation Properties
Kajetan Mueller, Claudia Schoenweitz, Horst-Christian Langowski

Antioxidant Properties of Selected Plant Extracts and Application in Packaging as Antioxidant Cellulose-Based Films for Vegetable Oil
Panchuti Phoopuritham, Masubon Thongngam, Rangrong Yoksan, Panuwat Suppakul

Comparison of Various Packaging Films for Mango Export
Kanchana Boonruang, Vanee Chonhenchob, Sher Paul Singh, Wannee Chinsirikul, Asira Fuongfuchat

Comparative Carbon Footprint of Packaging Systems for Tuna Products
Ngamtip Poovarodom, Chularat Ponnak, Natthaphon Manatphrom

Effect of Antimicrobial Starch Edible Coating on Shelf-Life of Fresh Strawberries
Lorena Costa Garcia, Leila Mendes Pereira, Claire I. G. de Luca Sarantópoulos, Miriam Dupas Hubinger

Ultrasonic Sealing of Flexible Packaging Films – Principle and Characteristics of an Alternative Sealing Method
Sascha Bach, Karsten Thürling, Jens-Peter Majschak

Modified Porous Clay Heterostructures by Organic–Inorganic Hybrids for Nanocomposite Ethylene Scavenging/Sensor Packaging Film
Kornkamol Srithammaraj, Rathanawan Magaraphan, Hathaikarn Manuspiya

Effects of Packaging Liners on Cooling Rate and Quality Attributes of Table Grape (cv. Regal Seedless)
M. E. K. Ngcobo, U. L. Opara, G. D. Thiart

Barriers against the Migration of Mineral Oil from Paperboard Food Packaging: Experimental Determination of Breakthrough Periods
Katell Fiselier, Koni Grob

Reducing Oxidation of Foods Through Antioxidant Active Packaging Based on Ethyl Vinyl Alcohol and Natural Flavonoids
Carol López-de-Dicastillo, Davinson Pezo, Cristina Nerín, Gracia López-Carballo, Ramón Catalá, Rafael Gavara, Pilar Hernández-Muño

Measurement and Analysis of Vibration and Temperature Levels in Global Intermodal Container Shipments on Truck, Rail and Ship
S. Paul Singh, K. Saha2, J. Singh, A. P. S. Sandhu

Release of Thymol, Cinnamaldehyde and Vanillin from Soy Protein Isolate Films into Olive Oil
Chang-Ying Hu, Mo Chen, Zhi-Wei Wang

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a New Antimicrobial Active Packaging for Fresh Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar L.) Shelf Life
Maria Jose Galotto, Ximena Valenzuela, Francisco Rodriguez, Julio Bruna, Abel Guarda