Packaging Technology and Science

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Editors-in-Chief: David Shires, Diana Twede

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Effect of Different Modified Atmosphere Packaging on Microbial Quality, Oxidation and Colour of a Seasoned Ground Beef Product (Meatball)
A. Ozturk, N. Yilmaz, G. Gunes
Volume 23 Issue 1 Pages 19-25 Jan/Feb-10

Mass Transport Studies of Different Additives in Polyamide and Exfoliated Nanocomposite Polyamide Films for Food Industry
D. A. Pereira de Abreu, J. Manuel Cruz, I. Angulo, P. Paseiro Losada
Volume 23 Issue 2 Pages 59-68 Mar-10

Dynamic Study of Stacked Packaging Units by Operational Modal Analysis
C. Bernad, A. Laspalas, D. Gonzalez, E. Liarte, M. A. Jimenez
Volume 23 Issue 3 Pages 121-133 Apr/May-10

Mineral Oil Contents in Paper and Board Recycled to Paperboard for Food Packaging
M. Biedermann, Y. Uematsu, K. Grob
Volume 24 Issue 2 Pages 61-73 Mar-11

Effect of Vehicle Speed on Shock and Vibration Levels in Truck Transport
F. Lu, Y. Ishikawa, H. Kitazawa, T. Satake
Volume 23 Issue 2 Pages 101-109 Mar-10

Measurement of Oxygen Transmission Rate through Foamed Materials for Bottle Closures
M. F. Pocas, B. Ferreira, J. Pereira, T. Hogg
Volume 23 Issue 1 Pages 27-33 Jan/Feb-10

How Wide Do You Want the Jar?: The Effect on Diameter for Ease of Opening for Wide-mouth Closures
A. Yoxall, J. Langley, R. Janson, R. Lewis, J. Wearn, S. A. Hayes, L. Bix
Volume 23 Issue 1 Pages 11-18 Jan/Feb-10

Some Experimental Aspects of the Compression Behaviour of Boxes Made Up of G-Flute Corrugated Boards
J. Viguie, P. J. J. Dumont, I. Desloges, E. Mauret
Volume 23 Issue 2 Pages 69-89 Mar-10

Sustainable Packaging Design: a Holistic Methodology for Packaging Design
E. Svanes, M. Vold, H. Moller, M. K. Pettersen, H. Larsen, O. J. Hanssen
Volume 23 Issue 3 Pages 161-175 Apr/May-10

Process and Recyclability Analyses of Innovative Bio-Composite for Tray
J. Bras, J. Alberto Mendez, M. Krouit, J. Pere Lopez, M-A. Pelach, N. Belgacem
Volume 23 Issue 4 Pages 177-188 Jun/Jul-10