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IAPRI 2012 Papers

In 2012, Wiley and IAPRI are working together to publish top papers from the 2012 IAPRI Symposium in Packaging Technology and Science. All papers published are subject to rigorous peer review.

Papers from the Symposium can be found below.

A Study of Nonlinear Effects in a Cushion-Product System on its Vibration Transmissibility Estimates with the Reverse Multiple Input–Single Output Technique
Michael A. Sek, Vincent Rouillard, Anthony J. Parkern

Improvement of Equivalent Drop Theory for Transport Packaging
Chen Zhong, Katsuhiko Saito, Kazuaki Kawaguchi

Correlation Study Using Scuffing Damage to Investigate Improved Simulation Techniques for Packaging Vibration Testing
K. Griffiths, D. Shires, W. White, P. S. Keogh, B. J. Hicks

The Effect of Colour Contrast on Consumers' Attentive Behaviours and Perception of Fresh Produce
Laura Bix, Wontae Seo, Raghav Prashant Sundar

The Internal Pressure Test in Experiment and Simulation—Influence of the Wall Thickness Variation and the Change of the Packaging Behavior after the Impact of Standard Liquids
Andreas Menrad, Thomas Goedecke, Klaus-Peter Gruender, Manfred H. Wagner

Fabrication and Properties of Antioxidant Polyethylene-based Films Containing Marigold (Tagetes erecta) Extract and Application on Soybean Oil Stability
Citlali Colín-Chávez, Herlinda Soto-Valdez, Elizabeth Peralta, Jaime Lizardi-Mendoza, René Renato Balandrán-Quintana

Cellulose Acetate Butyrate Nanocomposites with Antimicrobial Properties for Food Packaging
Rosa Itzela Quintero, Francisco Rodriguez, Julio Bruna, Abel Guarda, Maria Jose Galotto

The Effect of Distribution on Product Temperature Profile in Thermally Insulated Containers for Express Shipments
Jay Singh, Sanjiv Jaggia, Koushik Saha

Creating Transport Vibration Simulation Profiles from Vehicle and Road Characteristics
Vincent Rouillard, Michael Sek

Eco-efficient Value Creation: An Alternative Perspective on Packaging and Sustainability
Renee Wever, Joost Vogtländer

Development of Cellulose Eco-nanocomposites with Antimicrobial Properties Oriented for Food Packaging
Francisco Rodriguez, Hugo Mauricio Sepulveda, Julio Bruna, Abel Guarda, Maria Jose Galotto

Nanostructuring and Microstructuring of Materials from a Single Agropolymer for Sustainable MAP Preservation of Fresh Food
Thibaut Cagnon,Carole Guillaume, Valérie Guillard, Nathalie Gontard

Studying the Influence of Packaging Design on Consumer Perceptions (of Dairy Products) Using Categorizing and Perceptual Mapping
M. M. Gelici-Zeko, D. Lutters, R. ten Klooster, P. L. G. Weijzen

Validation of an Alternative Method for Testing the Chemical Compatibility of Liquids with Polyethylene Packagings for Dangerous Goods
Mario Eiben, Anita Schmidt, Andreas Menrad, Wolfgang Jahnke, Thomas Goedecken