Polymers for Advanced Technologies

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Polymeric gels and hydrogels for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications
Joseph Jagur-Grodzinski, Volume 21, Issue 1, pages 27–47, January 2010

A review on flame retardant technology in China. Part I: development of flame retardants
Li Chen, Yu-Zhong Wang, Volume 21, Issue 1, pages 1–26, January 2010

Polymers for targeted and/or sustained drug delivery
Joseph Jagur-Grodzinski, Volume 20, Issue 7, pages 595–606, July 2009

An investigation of the electrochemical performance of polyaniline coated LiFePO4 materials
Gangtie Lei, Xiaohua Yi, Lei Wang, Zhaohui Li, Ji Zhou, Volume 20, Issue 6, pages 576–580, June 2009

Thermal conductive PS/graphite composites
Haoming Tu, Lin Ye, Volume 20, Issue 1, pages 21–27, January 2009

Preparation of porous ultrafine polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fibers by electrospinning
Guiping Ma, Dongzhi Yang, Jun Nie, Volume 20, Issue 2, pages 147–150, February 2009

Influences of poly(lactic acid)-grafted carbon nanotube on thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties of poly(lactic acid)
Jin Tae Yoon, Young Gyu Jeong, Sang Cheol Lee, Byung Gil Min, Volume 20, Issue 7, pages 631–638, July 2009

Protein- and homo poly(amino acid)-based hydrogels with super-swelling properties
M. J. Zohuriaan-Mehr, A. Pourjavadi, H. Salimi, M. Kurdtabar, Volume 20, Issue 8, pages 655–671, August 2009

Migration and surface modification in polypropylene (PP)/polyhedral oligomeric silsequioxane (POSS) nanocomposites
Yong Tang, Menachem Lewin, Volume 20, Issue 1, pages 1–15, January 2009

A review on wound dressings with an emphasis on electrospun nanofibrous polymeric bandages
Payam Zahedi, Iraj Rezaeian, Seyed-Omid Ranaei-Siadat, Seyed-Hassan Jafari, Pitt Supaphol, Volume 21, Issue 2, pages 77–95, February 2010