Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications

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Edited By: Martin A. Green, Ryne P. Raffaelle, Tim M. Bruton, Jean-Francois Guillemoles

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EU PVSEC 2011 papers

Wiley teams up with the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference for 2011

Wiley is proud to announce its publishing partnership with the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference (EU PVSEC) for the second year running. Through the arrangement the top research papers from the event are published in Progress in Photovoltaics, the high impact, international journal for the latest research in photovoltaic technology, from original research, through to practical application.

The top papers from EU PVSEC are rigorously peer-reviewed and then fast-tracked through the publication process, ensuring that the full PV research paper is available as soon after the conference as possible. With the publishing partnership in place, EU PVSEC shows that it is THE meeting place for cutting edge researchers to exchange ideas and present the latest progress in solar cell development and manufacturing.

Top papers from the 26th EU PVSEC in Hamburg, Germany (5-9 September 2011)

Solar cell efficiency tables (version 40)
Martin A. Green, Keith Emery, Yoshihiro Hishikawa, Wilhelm Warta, Ewan D. Dunlop

Realization of high performance large area Z-series-interconnected opaque dye solar cell modules
Fabrizio Giordano et al

New world record efficiency for Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin-film solar cells beyond 20%
Chiara Candelise, Mark Winskel and Robert Gross

Improvement of the open circuit voltage by modifying the work-function of the transparent front electrode in amorphous n-i-p solar cells
Franz-Josef Haug et al

Development of innovative control and active operation concepts of the distribution network with high PV penetration
Aljaz Gorsek et al

Towards 20% efficient large-area screen-printed rear-passivated silicon solar cells
Thorsten Dullweber et al

Is the Distribution Grid Ready to Accept Large Scale Photovoltaic Deployment? - State of the Art, Progress and Future Prospects
Martin Braun et al

Advanced alignment methods for precise alignment over SE in c-Si solar cells
Alessandro Voltan et al

The history and future of incentives and the photovoltaic industry and how demand is driven
Paula Mints

Worldwide first fully up-scaled fabrication of 60 x 100 cm2 dye solar module prototypes
Andreas Hinsch, Welmoed Veurman, Henning Brandt, Ramiro Loayza Aguirre, Katarzyna Bialecka and Katrine Flarup Jensen

Polarisation analysis of luminescence for the characterisation of defects in silicon wafer solar cells
Matthew P. Peloso, Jen Sern Lew, Pooja Chaturvedi, Bram Hoex and Armin G. Aberle

Crystalline thin-film silicon solar cells: where crystalline quality meets thin-film processing
Frederic Dross et al

A validation study of photovoltaic modules series resistance determination under various operating conditions according to IEC60891
Davide Polverini, Georgios Tzamalis and Harald Müllejans

Performance Ratio revisited: Are PR > 90% realistic?
Nils Reich et al

Local and regional photovoltaic power prediction for large scale grid integration: Assessment of a new algorithm for snow detection
Elke Lorenz, Detlev Heinemann and Christian Kurz

The potential of photovoltaic carports to cover the energy demand of road passenger transport
Hans-Martin Neumann, Daniel Schär and Franz Baumgartner

Implications for CdTe and CIGS technologies of indium and tellurium scarcity Chiara Candelise Investigation of the Sub-Bandgap Photoresponse in CuGaS2:Fe for Intermediate Band Solar Cells.
Björn Marsen et al

Solar Cell Generations over 40% Efficiency
R. King et al

Improved multicrystalline silicon ingot crystal quality through seed growth for high efficiency solar cells
A. Jouini et al

Solar energy support in the Asia-Pacific region
S. Avril et al

On the Role of Non-Doped ZnO in CIGSe Solar Cells
R. Scheer et al

Investigation of the Sub-Bandgap Photoresponse in CuGaS2:Fe for Intermediate Band Solar Cells
B. Marsen et al