Software Testing, Verification and Reliability

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Edited By: Jeff Offutt and Robert M. Hierons

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Online ISSN: 1099-1689

Associated Title(s): Journal of Software: Evolution and Process, Software Process: Improvement and Practice, Software: Practice and Experience

Special Issues

2015 Special Issues:

Special Issue: Mutation Testing

Special Issue: ICST 2013 Conference

Special Issue: Testing, Analysis and Debugging of Concurrent Programs

2014 Special Issues:

Special Issue: Volume 2: Tests and Proofs for Improving the Generation Time and Quality of Test Data Suites

Special Issue: Volume 1: Tests and Proofs in Model-based Testing

ICST 2012, the Fifth IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation

2013 Special Issues:

ICST 2011, the Fourth IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation - Volume 2

ICST 2011, the Fourth IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation - Volume 1

ICST 2010, the Third IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation

2012 Special Issues:

November 2012: Special Issue: Model-Based Testing Volume 3: Beyond Conformance Testing

September 2012: Special Issue: Model-based Testing Volume 2: Formal Approaches to Model-Based Testing

August 2012: Special Issue: Model-based Testing Volume 1: Foundations and Applications of Model-Based Testing

ICST 2011 Special Issue
Volume 1 and Volume 2

Editorial - Volume 1
Mark Harman, Bogdan Korel

Configuring effective navigation models and abstract test cases for web applications by analysing user behaviour
Sara E. Sprenkle, Lori L. Pollock, Lucy M. Simko

Testing of data-centric and event-based dynamic service compositions
Waldemar Hummer, Orna Raz, Onn Shehory, Philipp Leitner and Schahram Dustdar

Demand-driven propagation-based strategies for testing changes
Raul Santelices and Mary Jean Harrold

Editorial - Volume 2
Mark Harman, Bogdan Korel

Checked coverage: an indicator for oracle quality
David Schuler and Andreas Zeller

Handling test length bloat
Gordon Fraser and Andrea Arcuri

ICST 2010 Special Issue

Editorial : ICST 2010 Special Issue
Ana Cavalli and Sudipto Ghosh

Covering and Uncovering Equivalent Mutants
David Schuler and Andreas Zeller

Efficient mutation testing of multithreaded code
Milos Gligoric,Vilas Jagannath, Qingzhou Luo, Darko Marinov

Formal specification and analysis of functional properties of graph rewriting-based model transformation
Márk Asztalos, László Lengyel and Tihamér Levendovszky

ICST 2009 Special Issue

Editorial: ICST 2009 Special Issue (pages 153–154)
Jeff Offutt and Per Runeson

Reducing logic test set size while preserving fault detection (pages 155–193)
Garrett Kaminski and Paul Ammann

Improving penetration testing through static and dynamic analysis (pages 195–214)
William G. J. Halfond, Shauvik Roy Choudhary and Alessandro Orso

An approach for testing pointcut descriptors in AspectJ (pages 215–239)
Romain Delamare, Benoit Baudry, Sudipto Ghosh, Shashank Gupta and Yves Le Traon

JDAMA: Java database application mutation analyser (pages 241–263)
Chixiang Zhou and Phyllis Frankl

ICST 2008 Special Issue

EDITORIAL: ICST 2008 Special Issue (page 1)
Robert M. Hierons and Aditya Mathur

On the number and nature of faults found by random testing (pages 3–28)
I. Ciupa, A. Pretschner, M. Oriol, A. Leitner and B. Meyer

OSMOSE: automatic structural testing of executables (pages 29–54)
Sébastien Bardin and Philippe Herrmann

Model-based quality assurance of protocol documentation: tools and methodology (pages 55–71)
Wolfgang Grieskamp, Nicolas Kicillof, Keith Stobie and Victor Braberman