Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society

Cover image for Vol. 38 Issue 1

Editor: Byeong Moon Kim

Online ISSN: 1229-5949

Associated Title(s): Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry, Chemistry – An Asian Journal, ChemNanoMat

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"Our partnership with Wiley-VCH has begun a year ago and we are extremely happy with all aspects of the professional relationship. We also want to extend our thanks to all of the organization for working together. The Korean Chemical Society (KCS) firmly believes that a professionally experienced publisher like Wiley-VCH will upgrade the quality of our scholarly publications by providing a greater exposure to the international community. Over the last 70 years, the Korean Chemical Society has fulfilled its key role in terms of representing basic and applied chemical science in Korea. We firmly believe that if we partnership, a bright future is ahead of us. We are extremely pleased with all aspects of the professional relationship with Wiley-VCH."
Chang Hee Lee
President, KCS

Now published under the same roof as Angewandte Chemie, Chemistry—A European Journal, Chemistry—An Asian Journal, and Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry.