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These are the 10 most accessed articles published in BJS in 2015 and 2016 in rank order. The data comes from Wiley Online Library usage statistics of downloads by subscribers to the Journal of both PDF and HTML versions of the articles and does not include supplement issues.

  1. Randomized clinical trial of observational versus antibiotic treatment for a first episode of CT-proven uncomplicated acute diverticulitis
    L. Daniels, Ç. Ünlü, N. de Korte, S. van Dieren, H. B. Stockmann, B. C. Vrouenraets, E. C. Consten, J. A. van der Hoeven, Q. A. Eijsbouts, I. F. Faneyte, W. A. Bemelman, M. G. Dijkgraaf, M. A. Boermeester for the Dutch Diverticular Disease (3D) Collaborative Study Group

  2. Update on surgical sepsis syndrome
    J.-L. Vincent

  3. Recent developments in the surgical management of complex intra-abdominal infection
    M. Soop and G. L. Carlson

  4. Alternatives to antibiotics for prevention of surgical infection
    I. B. M. Ploegmakers, S. W. M. Olde Damink and S. O. Breukink

  5. Meta-analysis of antibiotics versus appendicectomy for non-perforated acute appendicitis
    V. Sallinen, E. A. Akl, J. J. You, A. Agarwal, S. Shoucair, P. O. Vandvik, T. Agoritsas, D. Heels-Ansdell, G. H. Guyatt and K. A. O. Tikkinen

  6. The gut microbiome and the mechanism of surgical infection
    J. C. Alverdy, S. K. Hyoju, M. Weigerinck and J. A. Gilbert

  7. Randomized clinical trial of preoperative skin antisepsis with chlorhexidine gluconate or povidone–iodine
    H. M. Park, S.-S. Han, E. C. Lee, S. D. Lee, H. M. Yoon, B. W. Eom, S. H. Kim, K. W. Ryu, S.-J. Park, Y. W. Kim and B. Park

  8. Surgical infection
    R. J. Hinchliffe and J. J. Earnshaw

  9. Meta-analysis and trial sequential analysis of triclosan-coated sutures for the prevention of surgical-site infection
    S. W. de Jonge, J. J. Atema, J. S. Solomkin and M. A. Boermeester

  10. Meta-analysis of individual-patient data from EVAR-1, DREAM, OVER and ACE trials comparing outcomes of endovascular or open repair for abdominal aortic aneurysm over 5 years
    J. T. Powell, M. J. Sweeting, P. Ulug, J. D. Blankensteijn, F. A. Lederle, J.-P. Becquemin, R. M. Greenhalgh and the EVAR-1, DREAM, OVER and ACE Trialists