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Most Cited

These are the 10 most cited articles published in BJS in the past 2 years (2015-2016) in rank order. The data comes from Thomson ISI Web of Science®.

  1. Meta-analysis of high-versus low-chloride content in perioperative and critical care fluid resuscitation
    M. L. Krajewski, K. Raghunathan, S. M. Paluszkiewicz, C. R. Schermer and A. D. Shaw

  2. Systematic review of innovative ablative therapies for the treatment of locally advanced pancreatic cancer
    S. J. E. Rombouts, J. A. Vogel, H. C. van Santvoort, K. P. van Lienden, R. van Hillegersberg, O. R. C. Busch, M. G. H. Besselink and I. Q. Molenaar

  3. Optical innovations in surgery
    E. de Boer, N. J. Harlaar, A. Taruttis, W. B. Nagengast, E. L. Rosenthal, V. Ntziachristos and G. M. van Dam

  4. Randomized clinical trial of sacral versus percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation in patients with faecal incontinence
    N. N. Thin, S. J. C. Taylor, S. A. Bremner, A. V. Emmanuel, N. Hounsome, N. S. Williams, C. H. Knowles and the Neuromodulation Trial Study Group

  5. Use of a pathway quality improvement care bundle to reduce mortality after emergency laparotomy
    S. Huddart, C. J. Peden, M. Swart, B. McCormick, M. Dickinson, M. A. Mohammed, N. Quiney and the ELPQuiC Collaborator Group

  6. Learning curve for laparoscopic major hepatectomy
    T. Nomi, D. Fuks, Y. Kawaguchi, F. Mal, Y. Nakajima and B. Gayet

  7. Importance of in situ preservation of parathyroid glands during total thyroidectomy
    L. Lorente-Poch, J. J. Sancho, S. Ruiz and A. Sitges-Serra

  8. Robotic surgery
    M. Diana and J. Marescaux

  9. Meta-analysis of KRAS mutations and survival after resection of colorectal liver metastases
    K. W. Brudvik, S. E. Kopetz, L. Li, C. Conrad, T. A. Aloia andJ.-N. Vauthey

  10. Randomized clinical trial of mast cell inhibition in patients with a medium-sized abdominal aortic aneurysm
    H. Sillesen, N. Eldrup, R. Hultgren, J. Lindeman, K. Bredahl, M. Thompson, A. Wanhainen, U. Wingren, J. Swedenborg and the AORTA Trial Investigators