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Redaktion: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfram Jäger

Online ISSN: 1437-1022

18_3-4/2014Titelbild: Mauerwerk 3/4/2014

Masonry construction – the dominant construction style for new residential buildings in Germany – can and must demonstrate its sustainability in terms of energy-efficiency. The M1 energy-plus masonry house is a pilot project that provides the first practical demonstration of how the benefits of masonry construction – such as its loadbearing capacity, fire safety and sound insulation – can be combined with current and anticipated energy-efficiency standards. With simple, well-thought-out design details and carefully matched technical construction equipment, masonry energy-plus houses are no longer just a vision. The main focus of the M1 project is to develop a cost-efficient and saleable product which opens up new opportunities for consumers, designers and developers alike (see pp. 118–138). (Photo: Xella)

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