European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology

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Edited By: Uwe T. Bornscheuer

Impact Factor: 1.812

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2014: 43/123 (Food Science & Technology); 54/77 (Nutrition & Dietetics)

Online ISSN: 1438-9312

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EJLST Highlights

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Deep-fat frying (Special issue)

deep-fat frying, quality, safety, acrylamide, oxidation, fat uptake, French fries, health, FT-NIR, analysis

More special issues and collections:

Fats and oils as renewable
feedstock for the chemical industry
(special issue)

This Special issue provides an overview
of the latest developments in the field of
oleochemistry and clearly highlights the
great versatility of fats and oils as a
renewable resource and the need for
basic and applied research and
interdisciplinary approaches within
renewable resource research. 
Read online

EuroFedLipid Highlights 2013
(special issue)
EuroFedLipid Congress 2013, lipid analysis in forensic view, physical chemistry, edible oils, fat crystallization, biotechnology, functional foods, PUFA, trans fats, cereals, animal science, food technology
Novel sources of omega-3
(special issue)

This Special Collection features papers
covering novel sources of omega-3
based on the presentations from the
meeting organized jointly by the Nordic
Lipidforum and Marine lipids division
of EuroFedLipid, held in Copenhagen in
November 2012.
Part 1  
Part 2

Lipids in health and nutrition
(virtual collection)
lipids, health, nutrition

This virtual collection includes recent
articles covering functional foods,
omega-3 and PUFA, digestion and
bioavailability, frying, bioactive lipids
in health and disease, undesirable
compounds and lipotoxicity and o/w
and w/o emulsions..  Read online

Biocatalysis in lipid modification
(special issue)

This Special issue explores the latest
developments in biocatalysis in lipid
modification. Various topics are covered
including lipase selectivities and oils
and fats restructuring, other hydrolyzing
enzymes, new media, improvement of
biocatalyst performance for industrial
applications, and biosynthesis of added
value molecules.  Read online

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