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Editor-in-Chief: Lucie Kalvodova

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Editorial Board


Lucie Kalvodova


Honorary Editors

Uwe T. Bornscheuer (Greifswald, Germany)

Frank D. Gunstone (St. Andrews, United Kingdom)

Friedrich Spener (Graz, Austria)


Executive Editors

Eckhard Flöter (Berlin, Germany)

Ronald Pegg (Athens, USA)

Maria Tsimidou (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Pierre Villeneuve (Montpellier, France)


Editorial Board

Noelia Aldai Elkoro-Iribe (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain)

Ryszard Amarowicz (Olsztyn, Poland)

Susan E. Carlson (Kansas City, USA)

Jean-Michel Chardigny (Clermont-Ferrand, France)

Henri Cramail (Bordeaux, France)

Emma De Fabiani (Milan, Italy)

Imogen Foubert (Kortrijk, Belgium)

Charlotte Jacobsen (Lyngby, Denmark)

Michael Meier (Karlsruhe, Germany)

Anna Nicolaou (Manchester, UK)

Jun Ogawa (Kyoto, Japan)

Guanghou Shui (Beijing, China)


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Editor: Jing Zhu

Editor: Anke Osterland

Administration: Ursula Damm

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Advisory Board

Patrick Adlercreutz (Lund, Sweden)

Casimir Akoh (Athens, USA)

Ramón Aparicio (Seville, Spain)

Wilhelm Boland (Jena, Germany)

Milan Certik (Bratislava, Slavakia)

Guenther Daum (Graz, Austria)

Etienne Deffense (Charleroi, Belgium)

Albert Dijkstra (St. Eutrope-de-Born, France)

Gary Dobson (Dundee, UK)

Asim Duttaroy (Oslo, Norway)

Maarlen Egmond (Vlaardingen, Netherlands)

Claudio Galli (Milan, Italy)

Robert Gibson (Adelaide, Australia)

Ching Hou (Peoria, USA)

Gerhard Jahreis (Jena, Germany)

Hans-Gerd Janssen (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Alaf Kamal-Edin (Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates)

Gerhard Knothe (Peoria, USA)

Berthold Koletzko (Munich, Germany)

Fragiskos Kolisis (Athens, Greece)

Ronald Mensink (Maastricht, Netherlands)

Martin Mittelbach (Graz, Austria)

Joachim Molkentin (Kiel, Germany)

Zéphirin Mouloungui (Toulouse, France)

Jana Pickova (Uppsala, Sweden)

Colin Ratledge (Hull, UK)

Stefan Schmidt (Bratislava, Slovakia)

Xuebing Xu (Aarhus, Denmark)

Teruyoshi Yanagita (Saga, Japan)

Aims and Scope

The European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology is a peer-reviewed journal publishing original research articles and reviews on lipid related topics in biology, chemistry and biochemistry, medical science, nutrition, (bio)technology, processing and engineering.

The Journal’s focus is on the biomedical field, nutrition, and chemistry. Following is a selection of subject areas which are of special interest to EJLST:

·         Biochemistry of lipids

·         Cell biology of lipids

·         Clinical studies and pre-clinical research

·         Drug delivery and lipid nanoparticles

·         Functional foods and nutraceuticals

·         Lipases and other lipid modifying enzymes

·         Lipidomics

·         Lipids in health and disease

·         Oleochemistry and synthesis

The scope is not restricted to these areas. Submissions on topics at the interface of basic research and applications are strongly encouraged.

The Journal is the official organ of the European Federation for the Science and Technology of Lipids (Euro Fed Lipid).


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