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Euro Fed Lipid Highlights 2011

From lipid membrane biophysics to nanomedicine

PEGylated stealth liposomeLipids, curvature, and nano-medicine
Mouritsen, O.G.

<< “Stealth liposomes” are coated with PEG which screens the liposome from the immune cells

Cytotoxic protein-fatty acid complexes

NaOle/beta-lactoglobulin complex colocalizing with chromatin in apoptopic cellsCytotoxic complexes of sodium oleate with β-lactoglobulin
Kamila Lišková, Mark A. E. Auty, Valérie Chaurin, Soyoung Min, K. Hun Mok, Nora O'Brien, Alan L. Kelly, André Brodkorb

<< NaOle/β-lactoglobulin complex (red) colocalizes with chromatin (green) in an apoptopic cell (top panel), while a control cell displays a healthy round nucleus (green, bottom panel)

Lipid storage in yeast

lipid dropletLipid storage: Yeast we can!
Athenstaedt, K., and Daum, G.

<< Illustration of a lipid particle. The phospholipid monolayer with embedded proteins protects the hydrophobic core composed of triacylglycerols and steryl esters.

Rapeseed breeding

rapeseedsRapeseed breeding for oil content, quality, and sustainability
Abbadi, A., and Leckband, G.

<< Seeds of B. napus genotypes differing in the level of condensing tanins and fibre

In situ esterification of algal biomass

rapeseedsSimplifying biodiesel production: The direct or 'in situ' transesterification of algal biomass
Haas, M.J., and Wagner, K.

<< Is algal biomass a realistic option for biofuels?