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Euro Fed Lipid Highlights 2012


3-MCPDRefined hazard characterisation of 3-MCPD using benchmark dose modeling
 Rietjens, I.M.C.M. et al.

 3-Monochloropropane-1,2-diol (3-MCPD)-esters represent a newly identified class of food-borne process contaminants of possible health concern. Due to hydrolysis 3-MCPD esters constitute a potentially significant source of free 3-MCPD exposure and their preliminary risk assessment was based on toxicological data on free 3-MCPD. The present study presents a BMD analysis of the currently available chronic data on 3-MCPD mediated induction of tubular hyperplasia in rats as the most sensitive endpoint.

vegetable oilCurrent and future technologies for the sustainable and cost-efficient production of high quality food oils
 De Greyt, W.

 The production of high quality food oils in a cost-efficient and also sustainable way requires a new refining approach and ‘Next generation’ oil refining processes are developed to meet the new refining standards.


rare PUFAPolyunsaturated fatty acid production and transformation by Mortierella alpina and anaerobic bacteria
 Ogawa, J. et al.

 Fermentative production of unique PUFAs by Mortierella alpina (left panel) and their transformation into rare PUFAs by anaerobic bacteria (right panel).

Olive oil

sensory perception of oil tasteTowards new analyses of aroma and volatiles to understand sensory perception of olive oil
 Aparicio, R. et al.

 Protocol suggested for explaining the relationship between VOO volatile markers and its sensory descriptors. Intermediate steps are (1) the determination of the response factor of each volatile, (2) the odour activity value of each volatile, and finally (3) a consensus plot between Chemistry and Sensory Assessment of Virgin Olive Oil.