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Editor: Peter Gölitz; Editorial Board Chairs: Thomas Carell, Donald Hilvert, Barbara Imperiali

Online ISSN: 1439-7633

Associated Title(s): ChemCatChem, ChemMedChem, ChemPhysChem, ChemSusChem

Cover Picture: ChemBioChem 1/2003

4_01/2003The cover picture shows a highly diverse peptide library displayed on cylindrical bacteriophage particles that also contain the cognate DNA. Libraries such as this can be used to identify specific ligands for essentially any protein of interest. Here, phage particles displaying peptides that bind vascular endothelial growth factor are selected from amongst a sea of billions of random sequences. Further information can be found in the Review by Sidhu and co-workers on p. 14 ff. (We thank David Wood and Christian Wiesmann for help in the preparation of the cover picture.)

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