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Cover Picture: Semisynthesis and Characterization of the First Analogues of Pro-Neuropeptide Y (ChemBioChem 5/2003)

4_05/2003The cover picture shows how a combination of recombinant synthesis and chemical synthesis has been used to obtain chemically modified proteins. N-terminal protein segments of pro-neuropeptide Y (proNPY) were produced as intein-fusion proteins in Escherischia coli in order to obtain thioesters. C-terminal segments were synthesized by parallel automated peptide synthesis and derivatized to obtain carboxyfluorescein- (CF) and biotin-labeled peptides. Native chemical ligation yielded chemically modified full-length analogues of proNPY that can be used to monitor the biosynthesis of neuropeptide Y. Futher information can be found in the article by Beck-Sickinger and co-workers on p. 425 ff.

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