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Cover Picture: Selective Protein Degradation by Ligand-Targeted Enzymes: Towards the Creation of Catalytic Antagonists (ChemBioChem 6/2003)

4_06/2003The cover picture shows a ligand-targeted proteinase enzyme or “catalytic antagonist” acting as a molecular angler fish: By precisely positioning different binding ligands (L) around the active site “mouth” of a degradative proteinase enzyme, target proteins (TP) can be plucked from solution, locked in position adjacent to the catalytic triad “jaws”, and in this way readily and specifically degraded. The hunting strategy of the deep sea angler fish, which uses a lure above its mouth, illustrates this principle. Further details can be found in the article by B. Davis, R. R. Bott, J. B. Jones et. al. on pp. 533–537.

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