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Editor: Meghan Campbell; Editorial Board Chairs: Thomas Carell, Donald Hilvert, Barbara Imperiali

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Cover Picture: Direct Visualization of DNA Duplex Formation on the Surface of a Giant Liposome (ChemBioChem 8/2003)

4_08/2003The cover picture shows the phase-contrast microscopy image (top left) and the fluorescent microscopy image (bottom left) of a giant liposome stained with a green fluorescent probe on the surface of the membrane (right diagram). This process occurs by hybridization of a fluorescent-tagged DNA 15mer (green) and a conjugate DNA molecule, the latter of which is composed of a DNA 15mer (orange ribbon), a polyethyleneglycol spacer (orange ball), and cholesterol (orange rugby ball). Since the conjugate molecule is firmly anchored to the membrane of the giant liposome, it will become a bridging molecule between the world of RNA and lipids. Further details can be found in the article by T. Sugawara et al. on p. 778 ff.

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