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Cover Picture: DNA Mismatch-Specific Base Flipping by a Bisacridine Macrocycle (ChemBioChem 12/2003)

4_12/2003The cover picture shows how the conformational equilibrium of a nucleobase in DNA can be changed from the predominant intrahelical position to the extrahelical position (center). This process of base (nucleotide) flipping is achieved naturally by DNA glycosylases and DNA methyltransferases like M.TaqI, which binds the target base in its extrahelical conformation and fills the resulting hole in the DNA (left). Base flipping can also be induced by a small synthetic bisacridine macrocycle that specifically inserts at thermodynamically weakened sites (e.g. base mismatches) in DNA and hence stabilizes the extrahelical conformation of a nucleobase (right). Further details on binding of the bisacridine macrocycle to DNA can be found in the article by E. Weinhold, M.-P. Teulade-Fichou et al. on p. 1326 ff.

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