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Cover Picture: DDI-μFIA—A Readily Configurable Microarray-Fluorescence Immunoassay Based on DNA-Directed Immobilization of Proteins (ChemBioChem 4/2004)

5_04/2004The cover picture shows the self-assembly of antibody molecules tagged with short DNA oligomers at surfaces containing arrays of complementary oligonucleotides. In their full paper on p. 453 ff, Wacker and Niemeyer report that this DNA-directed immobilization (DDI) of antibodies forms the basis of a variety of readily configurable immunoassays that allow for the simultaneous and highly reproducible detection of various antigens from biological samples. DDI-based assays are particularly suited for analyses in microfuluidic systems, such as the plastic, capillary-driven microfluidic microtiterplate shown at the bottom. Graphical materials are courtesy of CHIMERA BIOTEC and STEAG microParts, Dortmund.

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