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Editor: Meghan Campbell; Editorial Board Chairs: Thomas Carell, Donald Hilvert, Barbara Imperiali

Online ISSN: 1439-7633

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Cover Picture: Protein-Detecting Microarrays: Current Accomplishments and Requirements (ChemBioChem 5/2005)

6_05/2005The cover picture shows an emerging protein-detecting microarray technology that has the potential to uncover complex protein networks in a miniaturized and parallelized fashion. The microarray system comprises capture agents, such as antibodies, recombinant proteins, and peptides immobilized onto solid surfaces, and provides a large number of important parameters on molecular interactions in a single experiment. The system is supported by three independent but strongly correlated basic technologies that involve screening/production of capture agents, engineering of surface modification methodologies of solid supports, and development of detection methods. Although the system is currently in progress, it could be employed conveniently as a diagnostic/research tool in the near future. Further information on the current accomplishments and requirements of the technology can be found in the Review by Mihara and co-workers on p. 782 ff.

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