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Cover Picture: Light-Induced Formation of G-Quadruplex DNA Secondary Structures (ChemBioChem 11/2005)

6_11/2005The cover picture shows in the magnifying lens oligodeoxynucleotides that have been modified with a photolabile group, represented as a green star. This temporary modification blocks the interaction properties of the respective nucleobase. One of these "caged oligodeoxynucleotides" has just been hit with light, thus removing the modification. The unmodified oligodeoxynucleotide can now fold into the active conformation—-in this case a G-quadruplex. The background suggests possible applications. Confocal microscopy can be used to apply light with high spatiotemporal control and allow the triggering of biologically active oligodeoxynucleotides; in the future maybe even in individual cells. For more details, see the communication by Mayer, Heckel, et al. on p. 1966 ff.

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