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Cover Picture: Sequence-Specific DNA Recognition by Monomeric bZIP Basic Regions Equipped with a Tripyrrole Unit on the N-Terminal Side. Towards the Development of Synthetic Mimics of Skn-1 (ChemBioChem 12/2005)

6_12/2005The cover picture shows a representation of a new DNA-recognition strategy based on clamping dsDNA by the simultaneous interaction of a tripyrrole and the basic region of transcription factor GCN4 with two contiguous DNA sites. The peptide unit by itself is incapable of tight specific DNA binding; however, conjugation with a tripyrrole derivative capable of binding to AT-rich sites allows the specific delivery of the hybrid to composite DNA sites of 8–9 base pairs containing the consensus target sequences of each module. For more details, see the communication by J. L. Mascareñas et al. on p. 2173 ff.

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