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7_03/2006Cover Picture: Phospholipases and Galactolipases Trigger Oxylipin-Mediated Wound-Activated Defence in the Red Alga Gracilaria chilensis against Epiphytes / Chloroplastic Glycolipids Fuel Aldehyde Biosynthesis in the Marine Diatom Thalassiosira rotula (ChemBioChem 3/2006)

The cover picture shows an epifuorescence-microscopic view (excitation: 360 nm, emission: 460 nm) of a microalgal epiphytic community growing on a field-collected branch of the red seaweed Gracilaria chilensis. Host cells and membranes are often damaged by penetrating epiphytes such as Acrochaetium sp. (shown as up to 2.5 mm-long filaments in the picture). In their article on p. 457 ff, G. Pohnert et al. provide evidence that the hydroxylated eicosanoids shown in yellow are generated through two distinct biosynthetic pathways after wounding of G. chilensis. These compounds activate resistance against spore settlement of A. operculata. A related article on aldehyde biosynthesis in the marine diatom Thalassiosira rotula by A. Fontana et al. can be found on p. 450 f.

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