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7_09/2006Cover Picture: Differential Protein Assembly on Micropatterned Surfaces with Tailored Molecular and Surface Multivalency (ChemBioChem 9/2006)

The cover picture shows surface-plasmon images of a chelator density array on a gold surface, which was employed for differential protein assembly. These arrays were generated by piezo-dispensing ethanolic thiol solutions into a hydrophobic grid obtained by microcontact printing of an eicosane thiol. By mixing an oligo(ethylene glycol)-terminated matrix thiol with different concentrations of mono- and bivalent chelator thiols, the density of the chelator group was varied in different array elements. The combination of different molecular multivalencies with density-dependent surface multivalencies yielded differential binding affinities of histidine-tagged proteins to different array elements. Thus, selective elution with a competitor was achieved from array elements with low binding affinity, which could be subsequently refilled with a different protein. This strategy opens new perspectives for dissection and assembly of multiple protein complexes combined with real-time, unlabeled detection. Further details can be found in the article by J. Piehler et al. on p. 1325 ff.

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