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8_11/2007Cover Picture: Evidence for the Mode of Action of the Highly Cytotoxic Streptomyces Polyketide Kendomycin (ChemBioChem 11/2007)

The cover picture shows the effects of the polyketide kendomycin on the model mammalian cell lines U-937 and PtK2. Kendomycin induces a multiplicity of cellular responses, including up-regulation of stress-response proteins, vacuolization of the endoplasmic reticulum, accumulation of ubiquitinylated proteins and apoptosis. These effects are consistent with inhibition of the proteasome, an activity that kendomycin also exhibits in vitro. Kendomycin thus represents a new structural type of proteasome inhibitor, with potential utility both in chemical genetics and therapy. Further details can be found in the article by R. Müller et al. on p. 1261 ff.

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