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8_12/2007Cover Picture: Pyrene Excimer-Based Dual-Emission Detection of a Oligoaspartate Tag-Fused Protein by Using a ZnII–DpaTyr Probe (ChemBioChem 12/2007)

The cover picture shows a dual-emission sensing system for proteins based on the selective interaction between a short tetra-aspartate tag (D4-tag) and pyrene-appended binuclear zinc complex probes (ZnII–DpaTyr). The repeated D4-tag of the protein was simultaneously recognized by two ZnII–DpaTyr probes through metal–ligand coordination interactions, by which the excimer emission of the pyrene units is induced. This enables the selective fluorescence detection of the D4-tag-fused protein among various protein mixtures. Since the pyrene excimer emission is in the visible region, this system allows visual detection of the D4-tag-fused protein by the naked eye in a simple mix-and-read operation. For more information, see the communication by I. Hamachi et al. on p. 1370 ff.

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