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8_16/2007Cover Picture: How Rapidly Do Epoxides Nonspecifically Form Covalent Bonds with Thiols in Water (ChemBioChem 16/2007)

The cover picture shows a cell treated with epoxide-containing compounds. There is concern about the reactivity of epoxides towards the most abundant and powerful nucleophile, thiols, in a biological setting. However, the kinetic data presented in this article indicate that these epoxides are able to reach their biological targets without nonspecific reactions with endogenous extra- and intracellular thiols such as glutathione and albumin. Data were obtained for the consumption of five common epoxide motifs under biologically relevant conditions by using N-acetylcysteamine and bovine serum albumin as model thiols. Further details can be found in the article by B. J. Albert and K. Koide on p. 1912 ff.

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