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10_11/2009Cover Picture: Selective Detection of Phosphotyrosine in the Presence of Various Phosphate-Containing Biomolecules with the Aid of a Terbium(III) Complex (ChemBioChem 11/2009)

The cover picture shows the selective detection of phosphotyrosine by using a terbium(III) complex. This strategy is a combination of Tyr-targeted energy transfer and phosphate-directed interaction, as indicated in the upper part of the picture. The phosphorylation of Tyr can easily be detected by its luminescence, which is dependent upon energy transfer from the Tyr residue to the TbIII center. When Tyr is not phosphorylated, the interaction with the TbIII complex is weak. The lower part of the picture shows the high selectivity among various biomolecules, such as nonphosphorylated Tyr, phosphorylated Ser or Thr, and nucleic acid species. In their communication on p. 1773 ff, J. Sumaoka, M. Komiyama, et al. discuss their detection of Tyr phosphorylation in nucleic acid-containing solutions.

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