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10_12/2009Cover Picture: Identification of Flavopiridol Analogues that Selectively Inhibit Positive Transcription Elongation Factor (P-TEFb) and Block HIV-1 Replication (ChemBioChem 12/2009)

The cover picture shows how a specific inhibitor of CDK9 could regulate HIV-1 replication. The HIV-1 genome is integrated into a human chromosome and is transcribed by RNA polymerase II. For active viral gene expression, the HIV-1 regulatory factor Tat binds a structured RNA hairpin loop of early nascent transcript, termed TAR RNA, and recruits a host heterodimer kinase complex containing cyclinT1 and CDK9. A selective and potent inhibitor of CDK9 blocks HIV-1 gene expression. For more details see the article on by T. M. Rana et al. on p. 2072 ff. Cover illustrated by Drs. Huricha Baigude and Chia-Ying Chu.

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