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11_03b/2010Inside Cover: Lower Homologues of Okoumal and Disila-Okoumal: Synthesis and Olfactory Characterization of Novel Ambergris Odorants (ChemBioChem 3/2010)

The inside cover picture shows how by replacing the Si-CH2-CH2-Si group of disila-okoumal by a Si-CH2-Si or Si-O-Si unit, the volatility could significantly be improved to take full advantage of the C/Si exchange. The best 2R,4R-configured lower homologue (turquoise) overlaid on okoumal (green) is shown in front of an okoumé tree (photo courtesy of Roman Kaiser, Givaudan). For details see the communication by R. Tacke et al. on p. 315 ff.

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