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11_09b/2010Inside Cover: Solanapyrone Synthase, a Possible Diels–Alderase and Iterative Type I Polyketide Synthase Encoded in a Biosynthetic Gene Cluster from Alternaria solani (ChemBioChem 9/2010)

The inside cover picture shows solanapyrone A biosynthesis by a highly reducing iterative type I polyketide synthase, prosolanapyrone synthase (PSS), and a possible “Diels-Alderase”, solanapyrone synthase (SPS). PSS (top) produces desmethylprosolanapyrone I. In the catalytic cavity of SPS (center), prosolanapyrone II is oxidized to solanapyrone A, possibly by exo-selective Diels–Alder cyclization. For more information, see the paper by I. Fujii et al. on p. 1245 ff.

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