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11_11/2010Cover Picture: Designed Short Peptides that Form Amyloid-Like Fibrils in Coassembly with Amyloid β-Peptide (Aβ) Decrease the Toxicity of Aβ to Neuronal PC12 Cells (ChemBioChem 11/2010)

The cover picture shows that a designed peptide can transform toxic amyloid oligomers into less-toxic structures. The designed peptide, which has leucine and naphthylalanine at positions 6 and 7, respectively, coassembled with amyloid β-peptide (Aβ) 1–42 oligomers into amyloid-like fibrils. The toxicity of the amyloid-like fibrils against neuronal PC12 cells was found to be much lower than that of Aβ oligomers. For more information, see the communication by H. Mihara et al. on p. 1525 ff.

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