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12_03/2011Cover Picture: A Two-Photon Turn-On Probe for Lipid Rafts with Minimum Internalization (ChemBioChem 3/2011)

The cover picture shows the distribution of lipid rafts in a fresh hippocampal slice from three-day-old rat at a depth of 100 μm. The image was obtained with two-photon microscopy (TPM) by using a newly developed two-photon turn-on probe (SL2). TPM that utilizes two NIR photons for excitation has the advantage of visualizing the biological targets deep inside intact tissues with tightly focused emission. SL2, which has a sulfonate group in the head, has a greater tendency to be located in the plasma membrane than existing probes, and emits much stronger two-photon excited fluorescence (TPEF) in the liquid-ordered than in the liquid-disordered domain, thereby allowing the direct visualization of the lipid rafts in live cells and deep inside intact tissues without internalization problems by simply collecting TPEF with TPM. For further information, see the paper by B. R. Cho et al. on p. 392 ff.

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