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12_18/2011Cover Picture: Rational Design of Fluorescent Biosensor for Cyclic di-GMP (ChemBioChem 18/2011)

The cover picture shows the binding of the bacterial messenger cyclic di-GMP (c-di-GMP) to a protein-based fluorescent biosensor. C-di-GMP plays important roles in many pathogenic bacteria by mediating biofilm formation and virulence (a biofilm formed by P. aeruginosa is shown in the background), and bacterial cells usually contain multiple diguanylate cyclases (DGCs) and phosphodiesterases (PDEs) to regulate the cellular concentration of c-di-GMP. Certain proteins are now being considered as novel targets for the development of antibacterial agents. The development of facile methods of assaying enzymatic activity and screening inhibitors will facilitate the lead discovery processes. On p. 2753 ff, Z.-X. Liang et al. describe the design of a fluorescent biosensor that responds to c-di-GMP with sub-micromolar sensitivity in a real-time fashion. The biosensor can be used in enzyme assays for DGCs and c-di-GMP PDEs as well as the high-throughput screening of inhibitors.

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