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13_01/2012Cover Picture: Bromomaleimide-Linked Bioconjugates Are Cleavable in Mammalian Cells (ChemBioChem 1/2012)

The cover picture shows a conjugate formed between a dibromomaleimide–rhodamine scaffold and two molecules of green fluorescent protein. Bromomaleimide scaffolds may be used for the synthesis of multifunctionalised biomolecules, and it has been postulated that bromomaleimide adducts are cleaved inside cells. On p. 39 ff., J. R. Baker, J. Molloy, S. Caddick et al. now describe the synthesis of bromomaleimide-based FRET constructs that upon microinjection into HeLa cells cleave to release free GFP. This process was monitored by quantitative dual-channel fluorescence video microscopy. Bromomaleimide constructs could therefore be used as cleavable drug delivery systems, or as ratiometric sensors of cytoplasmic delivery. (Cover art designed by Hayley Wood, MRC NIMR, and Dr. Rachel Morgan, UCL).

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